Monday, September 26, 2011

Still here

Yep, still here. Still waiting.

I went to Bible study last week and had a few women, who I only know by their first names, tell me that they are checking in on our adoption story on this blog. I can not tell you how much that meant to me. I feel honored and grateful that people care. One sweet friend asked if I get tired of people asking me how things are going. Although I wish I had more to tell them, it is so nice to be thought of and have people sincerely interested and willing to ask a potentially water-works kinda question. :) The waiting has been pretty brutal since Melia started 1st grade. It is so quiet around our house. Too quiet. I feel like I have an open wound in my heart.

The good news is that people are indeed receiving their referrals!!!! Things are moving and we are really hopeful. What an exciting time. We have no idea where we are in the "line-up". We do have our approval letter and feel that we are close.

I am trying not to get my hopes up but that is soooo hard. Last month I had a really big peace about September. I just knew we wouldn't see his face in August. Hard to explain, but I just had a really strong peace about September. And now the last week of September is here and no Jojo. I am getting more and more teary with each day of September leaving and October 1st on the horizon. I am not trying to box God in or rush our story. I am thankful for the peace that I had in August. I pray that peace returns if this is not our time.

I know that one day we will see his face and it will be so worth the wait! Thanks for reading and caring.


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