Sunday, November 7, 2010


Having two girls is so much fun. They have their "spats" but they love each other so much. I pray that they are this close their whole lives. I enjoy looking at Kylie's face in the second one where Melia is hugging her maybe a bit too much.

These two girls are solid anchors of faith to me. I wanted to be a mom. I wanted to have kids. God has blessed me far beyond what I deserve. I'm so thankful for them. Jo-Jo has no idea what he's in for with his two older sisters! He may think he's got three mothers. Ha!

I'm guessing all parents going through the adoptive process ride through seasons of highs and lows. I find myself resistant to keep track of how many days...or...months we've been waiting. Some days I pray so hard for him that I think it's just too much. Too painful. I can't stand waiting any longer. Other days I pray little simple prayers throughout the day and don't go too deep. Some weeks I feel at peace and other weeks I think I may lose my mind.

I daily pray for someone to be loving on my son. For someone to be holding him, feeding him, singing to him. For Jo-jo to feel love on some level....

I decided to google our orphanage (Home of Hope) and a blog came up. A girl named Amy had just blogged about her trip to Kigali, Rwanda where she held BABIES at the Home of Hope orphanage!!!! I don't even know this chick and think she's pretty much amazing. Go to her blog if ya want and read about the orphanage where my son most likely is right now! Her blog is:

I have to warn you that it's hard to read about all these children wanting to be held and loved. Although it was rough, it gave me some peace to read about the details of where my boy is. God reminded me that He sees the whole picture...He loves my son far more than I. Amy specifically talked about one little baby boy that just loved being held and fell asleep in her arms. He allowed me the gift of some peace in my heart to think that there are people who are loving on those sweet little children, hopefully my son included.

So to Amy, I say thank you. From the depths of my heart. Thank you for taking up the cause of the orphan, for raising support to go to Rwanda, and for the love you showed those kids. You are and encouragement and an inspiration.