Monday, December 20, 2010


We heard news a couple of days ago from our case worker that some non-objection letters have gone out!!!!!!!! This is a feat in itself to know that the government is moving ahead and issuing these approvals. To have no new news for months and then hear things are moving is such a wonderful gift. Word on the streets is that they are somewhere in the 30's and we are number 73. Not too far off. We don't know exactly how fast they are moving....

I'm now taking money donations to send a case of red bull to the dossier workers at the rwandan government. Who's with me? Merry Christmas....drink up people. :) Okay, just kidding. But the thought has crossed my mind.

Cool story.....I heard about kids being sponsored in Rwanda on the radio through an organization called, Africa New Life Ministry. Of course my ears perked up at the mention of RWANDA and so I googled this organization. The more I have found out about their mission and love for the kids of my boy's home land, the more I want to go there. I've decided that I got to check this place out when we go to Kigali. They have a variety of service buildings on their compound including a school, orphanages, a dream center where they feed kids, etc... How cool is that? I want to see it. They also have a guest home for people to go over and serve. Definitely an option for our family in the future. Anyway, Africa New Life Ministry's US office is in Portland, OR. So close to us. That's cool.

I tell my jogging buddy Melissa about this ministry and my growing desire to experience this place. Melissa just starting going to a church in Portland. She goes to a small group type of gathering at a house in Portland. Guess who owns the house and is hosting this small group gathering....(drum roll please)......the Co-Founder's of Africa New Life Ministry. (Side note: Melissa is telling me this good news on a jog and this is the part where I jumped for joy and wasn't huffing and puffing trying to breath like I usually am. ) The plan is to meet this wonderful lady in January who has been to Rwanda many times and also has an adopted son from there. I'll keep ya posted. Can't wait to hear her heart and passion for this country.

Check Africa New Life Ministries out! They have some short videos on Rwanda and what they do over there. Completely impressive! Aren't people amazing. I'm like, well what should we have for dinner? And there's people out there that are literally saving people's lives. I'm exaggerating here but you get my point. We can all do something to help someone else out. It's humbling and challenging and inspiring. There are also many ways to support orphans (other than adoption) associated through this ministry. So, if you're looking for a way to get involved - do it! You won't be sorry.