Thursday, July 1, 2010

life lately

Yes, don't worry, we're still alive and kicking. Things have been busy during this last month and well, blogging went way down on the priority list. A big highlight was going to see the musical, THE LION KING, with my mom and the Ditchen/Olson girls last weekend. We have been waiting months. The show didn't was amazing. I'm really into all the behind the scenes stuff, thinking how did they do that? The lighting, costumes, sound effects, computer graphics, live music...seriously love it. It all comes together in a powerful way for one spectacular show.

This was Melia's first real live musical and she was so giddy. The show opens up with a big number complete with all the animals coming through the aisles and onto the stage to bow to the Lion King and meet his new cub, Simba. The lights go out at the end of the song and people cheered loudly. Melia turned to me with a perplexed look on her face and says, "That sure wasn't a very long show, mom". Her honest emotion and "newness" to the experience tickled me so much. She sure was happy when I said it was just beginning.

Of course, I can't get away from Africa and thinking about my baby boy. There is no real update to report. Still waiting. Although to clarify, we are waiting for a non-objection letter from the Rwandan gov't. When we receive this letter, we know that a referral of a child is within a couple months. The Rwandan gov't allows themselves up to six months to issue this non-objection letter. So, the wait is longer than we first anticipated. We've been officially waiting for about a month. Keep praying....

I've been able to help my friend, Sue, with a few weddings. She is an incredible event planner and has fabulous linens, table decor, arches, etc. available to rent for your special event. So, if you're thinking of throwing a great party or getting hitched, look her up (SHE Designs). The weddings have fallen on Saturdays, which allows Josh to be with the kids and us to maintain a semi-normal weekend.

I've also been helping out at our church with the new outreach building. There is programming starting in the fall for adults and kids. I working on literacy curriculum for infant - 5th grade and the volunteer piece for the kids area. Feel honored to have a hand in the beginning of this program. My brain hurts a little from not being used in this capacity in many months. :)

July is a big month for us. Melia will be 5 in 28 days. What! Five. A whole hand! Kinda crazy. She's already changed the theme of her party three times and it would be easier to walk into Target and tell you what's NOT on her birthday present list. I keep reminding her that the list helps give people an idea of what she wants....and that she's NOT going to get it all. Welcome to the real world chica. :)

We're going to throw a BBQ this Sunday for the 4th. So, if you don't have any plans and are looking for something to're invited. Don't feel like a loser and that you have no friends because you do! We want you to come. Just call and let me know you're coming....

blessings and goooooo America!