Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Call

When my sis and her family adopted my little niece from China I was thrilled. Overjoyed for them and us that this little girl was going to be a apart of our family. But I didn't feel that we were called to adopt. Looking back now, I think that there was a small seed planted in my heart by my sweet niece. My sister kept a blog about their journey with links on it to other adoption blogs. I would read them often, daily sometimes. Instead of this huge call shouting out at me, it was more like why not us? We are not rich. But we have a home full of love and a great family. Why not me? It was more of a nudging at my heart; quietly, patiently, persistently. At this point adoption was all in my head. I hadn't shared with my husband what I was starting to really feel and own as a call. I don't think adoption is something lightly to jump into based on a why not me mentality. It's expensive, it's time consuming, and it changes the course of your family forever. So, I shared with Josh what I was thinking and feeling and we agreed to pray about it on our own until God placed a decision with each of us individually. I already knew. I was being called to step it up. Josh came back with the same response - yes, I think this is what we are suppose to do. Yikes.

The two hardest decisions for us thus far have been: are we called to this journey and where are we suppose to adopt from? We had our answer to the first question and we began to research, and I mean research, every avenue set before us from country to agency. Long story short. (I'm kind of a detailed gal). :) Our friends just adopted sweet twin girls through an agency out of Portland called, All God's Children International. We checked out this agency feeling a call towards somewhere in Africa. They had just began a new program with Rwanda. Every thing seemed to click with this agency and this program. We met every requirement and it met all of our's as well. All I can say is that there was a peace about this being the right decision. We took a deep breath...and jumped with both feet. I whispered to my son that night that his mommy is coming for him.

There you have it. Our son, born in Rwanda, will join our family sometime around late fall, early winter 2010. We have requested that he be between the age of 0-14 months at the time we get him to keep the birth order in our family. Melia is over the moon to have a new little brother. Kylie doesn't really get it. Our family and friends are supportive and encouraging. (In fact, a close friend designed this blog --- thank you Tara!) We are blessed beyond measure.

Ride along with us on this adventure! Thanks for reading.