Tuesday, June 21, 2011

keeping a grip on hope

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks and there is a lot to let you in on.

I did meet with Angie from ANLM and hand over a check to help feed the street kids of Kigali. So Awesome! Thank you again for your generosity. For $15.52 a month you can feed a child. Such a small amount that has life changing affects on young lives.

We did have a garage sale and raised almost $1,000 towards our travel costs. How cool is that! It was a one day blow out sale where we were wheeling and dealing. I was kinda of stressed out. It's little ways in life I can tell that I am stretched tight on the emotional spectrum. This was one of those moments. We got the whole sale ready and then the morning of, I was thinking I can't do this. I can't talk and bargain and deal with people today. I had a freak out moment. Thank you to my big sis for coming over and handling the sale (along with Josh) while I went inside and "hid" for a bit. Also, a big thanks to my pal Shauna for coming over and helping get things ready the night before. You have a gift girl with organization and garage sales! :) Thank you to my mom who took the girlies for most of the day so I could have complete focus on making money.

This last week has been really tough. I haven't blogged because I really don't have words at this point. We heard from Rwanda that we have six months to be placed with a child and if we aren't matched in those six months then our case will be "closed for good". I read recently scripture from The Message that sums up how I feel, if I had to try and articulate it.

"I'll never forget the trouble, the utter lostness, the taste of ashes, the poison I've swallowed. I remember it all - oh, how well I remember- the feeling of hitting the bottom. But there's one other thing I remember, and remembering, I keep a grip on hope: God's loyal love couldn't have run out, his merciful love couldn't have dried up. They're created new every m
orning. How great is your faithfulness! I'm sticking with God (I say it over and over). He's all I got left. It's a good thing to quietly hope, quietly hope for help from God".
Lamentations 3:19-24, 26 (The Message)

I would just ask that you keep praying. God is in control. We are confident of that!