Thursday, February 24, 2011

love month

I am loving February. We got an email today from the peeps in RWANDA! They are analyzing OUR dossier and they need a few more documents. Okay. We don't have the non-objection yet to adopt from Rwanda. BUT our dossier is sitting in front of their eyes! Wow. 9 months of really no word and viola, we hear something. February 24th was a good day.

We busted our butts today and got all the necessary paperwork up to our agency. I'm talking printed out, copied, notarized, state certified, and driven up one hour north to our agency's office. Can I get an "Amen" for a productive day! (A huge thank-you to my mom for watching the girlies so some serious movin' could happen.)

These documents should be off to Rwanda very shortly and then....and then....hopefully a quick response of non-objection.

With God ALL things are possible!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

little by little

Just a quick update to let you all in on a bit of news. Our number is getting closer!

We are #73 and read a blog of a family who is #55 and their dossier is currently being reviewed for a non-objection letter. We are getting closer. I hold on to this hope that we are out of the longest of the waiting...hearing nothing....growing impatient....learning to daily give it all to God.....sad....long days.....kinda part. Guess I shouldn't be over the daily surrender thing. :)

Feel like I've been tied up and I've been fighting with all my strength to get out of the ropes that entangle me and be free. At last, when I realize I can not free myself, I give way to pure exhaustion and lay there very still. I'm open and I'm listening.... sweet surrender.

Thanks for your prayers and continued support. Keep praying.