Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the big 6

How can it be? My oldest is 6! Six years ago, I entered the crazy world of mommy hood. What a wonderful, hard, emotional, happy, tired, energetic, soul filling 6 years it has been. This year Melia declared she would like to have a friend party, in addition to a family party. No boys allowed! Just girls and sparkles and yummy cake to eat. How did my girl grow up to know that girl parties even existed? :) Her wish was granted with a Hello Kitty girl party at our house in the afternoon. Followed up by an evening family party at a nearby park. Melia felt sooooo loved and celebrated and I was pooped. (It was so worth it)!

The following pictures are a collection from the entire day.

The dessert table. Yummmm.

Girl power

Good buddies

Nana and farm Papa

Josh's sis and fam

Mormor and Papa

Good ole' Caleb

Opening presents

My older sis and her fam!

A couple of my sweet nieces who are the same age.

One of her biggest wishes for her birthday came true. No, not Jojo.... the new American Girl doll. She wouldn't take her dress off for three days.

Good - bye Kitty

Party was not complete until all nails were painted.

Sprinkler under the trampoline was a big hit.

My girl chose some great friends for her party with wonderful moms to hang out with!!!

Oh hurt my heart...where is the time machine to freeze time?

I love you Melia. You have my heart. I'm thankful everyday to be your mom.