Wednesday, September 8, 2010

birds, bees, and DNA?

I was watching a very scientific show the other day where experts were talking about babies and how their brains work.... I was listening trying to understand what they were saying :) when Melia walked out of her room after rest time and heard the experts talking about babies genes and their DNA. She laughed and said "jeans, what???" She was pointing at her own pair of denim jeans that she had on at that moment. "Mom, what are they talking about?" I try to very simplistically talk about how a baby comes from both their mom and dad.....etc.... My smarty of a five-year-old states, "How do I come from dad? Dads can't have babies!!!! I came from you. How did I come from dad too?"

At this point I start chuckling under my breath realizing I have gotten myself in a tight spot on the verge of explaining the birds and the bees to my oldest. Reality is she doesn't need to KNOW the details of anatomy and reproduction as a five year old. It would be too heavy for her. Too much knowledge for her to handle. It will come at a later date when she is ready to take it all in and understand a bit better. (Dear Lord, please let that me a long ways away. Amen.) Yet here we are in this conversation.

I quickly came up with the simple explanation that when a woman and man love each other, they decide they want to have a child and the mommy carries the baby in her tummy. That was enough for her. She said, "Oh, okay." And that was that. No more questions - thank you Lord. She needed a simple answer to satisfy her desire to know and understand at that moment to carry her onto the next thing.

In some ways, I feel like Melia right now. Asking God all these big questions about adoption and my son. Wanting to know the BIG picture....wanting to know every detail. And the Lord gently reminds me to accept simple knowledge and rely on HIS truth and timing. (Fragments of a story and is so much bigger than me.) I often grow impatient wanting my son in my arms. It's a daily submitting of my will to the Lord's and having the confidence in Him to reveal the depth of our story when the timing is right. I don't dare try and understand all that is going on. I am so thankful for a mighty God who is on my side and wants the best for me and my family, including my boy.

:) WE are WAITING (ugh, moan, sigh) for the non-objection letter to come from Rwanda. Been waiting three months. Could possibly wait up to another three months for this little (yet so important) piece of information. This means the adoption people have looked over our dossier and said, YES - we are good to go. Our dossier would then be on it's way to our orphanage where we will be placed with our son.

Things have slllllowed way down in Rwanda over the summer. There's a new lady in charge and we hear good things about her. She is very much in favor of international adoptions. However, with new leadership comes restructuring of people, etc.... There were government elections which didn't help the slowness factor either. Simple, basic information is all we have to go off of to sustain us. We try and suck an ounce of peace from this knowledge and there is none. Only peace comes from the Lord. As much as I like to be in the know, that is enough for me to daily trust Him.

We hear that processing of these non-objection letters was suppose to get going on Sept. 1st. So we wait.
PS I will do my best to be a bit better with the blogging. Kind of a slacker, I know.