Thursday, December 8, 2011


I found out the best news yesterday. No, not a referral quite yet. But ---- our dossier is at the orphanage! Yes, we have made it to location where our son is at (or will be). This in itself is a victory folks! (Two years in the making). I have been in the clouds ever since I heard the word.

Just to think of the sweet nuns looking over our pictures and reading about our life and our family all the while holding our precious son and loving on him for us. I envision the Holy Spirit whispering into her soul that this is their child. Yes, he is the one. I feel this moment and it is sacred.

Thanks for praying. My bold prayer is that we will see his sweet little face before Christmas.



  1. AAAaaaahhhhh!!! So exciting!!! We're praying right along with you!

  2. Praying!!!! This is such good news!